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1015 N I35E #322, #320

Carrollton, Texas 75006

The German step into the future. The BMW I8 Hybrid is an electric entrance wherever your journey leads you.

An American Classic. There is a reason the Corvette has been around for over 50 Years. Just you and an All American V8.

Not for the weary... This is a 500HP animal. With all power to the rear wheels this is for the skilled renter.

The fastest American production vehicle ever made. Boasting 755HP from a Supercharged V8. 

A Statement, Wherever you go. Behind the distinct New Era Cadillac Grill lies an American Icon. Luxury for any occasion. 

The future of Ferrari. Finally... A Ferrari that can be driven without concern. The 458 packs 570 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower shifted through a Dual Clutch transmission. The future is here. 

The Big Boy. 700HP from a Naturally Aspirated V12.... And Yes... The Doors Go UP!

The Gallardo on steroids. The LP560 is the last update of the famed Gallardo line. With a new 5.2L V10 and updated E Gear transmission, The sky is the limit.

The future of Lamborghini. A V10 mated to a new age Dual Clutch transmission. Check your reflexes. 

Are you a boss? If you had to think about the answer, the S550 is not for you. Commanding the road in the most refined manor, the S550 demands your respect. 

German Muscle. 580HP from a front mounted Twin Turbo V8. The perfect combination of Power and Luxury.

The Luxury Sprinter waves goodbye to the conventional and rather boring Limousine of our past. With privacy windows all around, your group or entourage is out of site and out of mind. Surrounded by 2 Large LED televisions and a state of the art sound system... You may never leave. 

Pure Luxury. There is no good way to explain a Rolls Royce. You just have to experience it. Powered by a powerful turbo V12, you are propelled to your desired destination. Don't get too comfortable, You have places to be!

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